Dear :
When you bring out a fact on the loading screen like "more Americans are learning a foreign language on Duolingo than in the US school system"

That doesn't make me go: "😍 yay duolingo!"

That makes me go "😱 our school system is fucked up! "

Not to mention you didn't say if they were competently learning a language. I took Spanish a bunch in k-12 and I learned... 1-10 and the basic colors. By which I mean I wasn't pronouncing them right either.

Plz stop with downer facts

I mean don't get me wrong, I am grateful to you mr owl. But I think you're showing us a bigger problem and putting a positive spin on it, like those stories that try to be feel-good about crowdfunding healthcare.

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Another thing I'd like to add: Foreign languages were not required at my school even though you could not get into pretty much any school without them. I'm not talking Stanford. I'm talking the local state school. The private catholic college would take you I think, but if they didn't offer you scholarships you would have paid out the ass.

Correction: i dug into my memory: you are strongly advised to take a language because you CAN get into a state school without one, it's just really hard.

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Of course I'd argue even if you don't want to go to college or can't you should take a foreign language for enrichment. I had to take a bunch of shit I have yet to use. I was required to take an art (or music) class and I am so grateful for that. It's enrichment of the soul. If you need a reason, how about the fact it's literally good for your brain?* Eff brain training, learn a language.

* I'm on the bus right now but if there's interest I can see if I kept my citations.

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