Does anyone have any recommendations for a firefox extension that functions as a dictionary (for Spanish and French)? I have WordReference on, but I find it useless because it just searches the language of what I had last been looking up, so at least 50% of the time, it's telling me there's no result (in French) when it's a Spanish word.

Hay recomendaciones para una ampliación de Firefox que funciona como un diccionario (ES y FR)? Tengo WordReference, pero es inútil porque que supone su idioma ultimo, entonces muchas veces dice "hay ningunos resultados" (en francés) cuando es una palabra española.

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@lapis I don't know one offhand. I find it frustrating that even some supposedly pro dictionary apps, e.g. wordfinder, cannot handle language mixes or even reverse language combinations without first switching manually.

A semi-alternative: I've used Fluid on a Mac to make a standalone app out of Linguee (see also Coherence or Unite). With some CSS rules, you can dumb it down enough to fit in a small window.

As a dict, Linguee is “use with care” but is very flexible re: language + direction.

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