feature removal suggestion 

can men stop being creepy and raising the next generation of men behaving creepy thanks

me eventually going to postponed concerts 

"Целёхонькие!" is what I can still hear in my head in Russian dub

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me eventually going to postponed concerts 

"Found them."
"Where'd you get those?"
"Leftovers from years ago."

Infinite Jest 

what if the whole book was... voice dictated...
coulda taken a month or so tops, but probably way more for editing

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Infinite Jest 

Sometimes I wonder if anyone really proofread Infinite Jest, or they were like, eh too many words, too obscure, who knows what he meant there, it's fine, send to print.

Everything Everywhere All at Once (++) 

Apropos of hysterical, yesterday I learned about the term "hysterical realism" and I couldn't help but draw parallels.
A hit to the heart!

Plot-wise, at least the first part, reminded me heavily of "Recursion" by Blake Crouch. So good!

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Everything Everywhere All at Once (++) 

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a fantastic, brilliant movie that is beyond "movie" really. In line with the plot it manages to transport you into a higher dimension. The cinematography alone makes it worth seeing.
Apart from that, it's absolutely hysterical. I don't remember when was the last time I was wheezing and crying from laughing so hard in a theater, if ever.
Toss Doctor Strange, see this movie instead.

pronouns, animals 

does anyone else use "they/them" when referring to animals (of unidentified sex)?

I've noticed that I've been doing that for some time now

looking for proofreaders 

I am once again looking for reliable proofreaders (EN) as I seem to have misplaced my bookmarks after moving instances.

If you or someone you know do this kind of service, I would be thrilled to get in touch!

food crime 

it's vegan cheez with cucumbers and black bean tamari tempeh on a sweet easter bread with raisins

I don't think I liked the flavour of that tempeh–

Saw where a squirrel hid their snack this morning.
Your secret is safe with me, fren.

this pretty much sums up how secure I feel myself in life:

- ask a question about something in order to reduce anxiety by being informed and prepared
- get a clear answer
- still feel unsure and no less doubtful because there is always room for misunderstanding, misinterpretation, misinformation etc

*doesn't practice Portuguese for three weeks*

"Maybe I should start learning [n language]!"


Or... Should I?

unpopular opinion 

plain popcorn is good too

revitalisation of German skills, brief history 

me: "help me, master!"

tutor #1: "I can't teach you anything, you're fine!"

me: "help me, master!?!"

tutor #2: "just keep talking, you're fine!"

me: *still struggles*


sometimes I write such ruthless things, and it hits me mid-sentence how harsh they are, and I finish that sentence almost apologetically because oof

so many blunt statements of fact not veiled with pretty words

nonsense, but also ouisense ?! 

for a few months now I've been saying a nonexistent word/phrase,
jippihej (or sometimes juppihej),
which I assign a meaning of "alright!" or "coolcoolcool", a tone of approving of something.

Not quite sure how I've come to this, but the first part is altered "yippee" and hej comes from my repeating "nej men hej" a lot.

So, there's that...

(hardcore mode: a neighbour picks up their parcel and you have to switch to German in three seconds, oje)

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mood: start learning two new languages instead of writing–


Anyone else reads books to themselves in different accents just for fun?

On the other hand, I get so into it, I actually manage to finish a chapter, ha!

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