breathtaking anxiety 

jedes Mal jemand mir sagt: "Kein Stress"–

I want to laugh and say, "Do you know who I am?"

a trick that loosens writer's block #3629 

typing in caps, apparently


cw: too many tabs 

tabs grow like mold

it's a tab infestation

Julie & The Phantoms 

I watched. I loved it.
I rewatched. I loved it more.

The radio in my head is going wild.

an absurd compliment 

Every time someone says I speak German well,

I'm, like,

do you know who you're talking to?



*knows she watches a musical*

"Oh no! No... not another song..."

cringey tv trope 

that hollywood thing when someone blurts out "I love you" and is, like, did I just say that, and the other person is, like, *shocked* and *flustered* (and it's a whole other thing when it turns out they're "not on the same page") and literally everyone who happened to be around gasps as if it were a straight up proposal or something. what?

Love this floaty state when you can't tell which language you're speaking anymore and just unabashedly randomly generating words and accepting them in whichever form they appear.

"Kapitalismen gör oss alla till handelsvaror."

Thought this might be a perfect place to share my bilingual* short story (ru/en).
*-with occasional insertions of phrases in de/fr

There was a moment when my language of choice split, I was torn and just stopped working on the story at all.

Years later I was finally ready to accept that I didn't have to choose. "Why not both? Why not all of them?" Especially since it made sense narratively.

Read it here, share your thoughts afterwards if you will:

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