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OK, I’m Źmicier. My main account is @lime. Nice to meet you.

I want an account to write random stuff in my life, including negative. And perpahs for shitposting! :) I will write in random languages, and won’t stick to one, so I guess this instance will do. I hope you don’t mind me here.

I consider Belarusian and Ukrainian my native languages, but I speak Russian better. I also speak English, and learned bits of other languages (Latin, Portuguese, Swedish).

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oh hey it's been three minutes since I yelled for you to pls read my very good, very #NSFW comic 📢👏👏👏

state homophobia (---) 

visas (-) 

btw we don't say 'ladybug' we say 'God's little cow' (in Russian and Belarusian) or 'little sun' (in Ukrainian)

explanation of the phrase (re: shitpost, very rude phrase mentioned) 

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shitpost, very rude phrase mentioned 

food, colours 

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clozemaster is good for intermediate language learning and has a fairly impressive list of languages: drawn from the database of which has an even larger number

Yazıq ki, UATVnıñ qırımtatar versiyası qapaldı. 😕 Men onı bazıda tecribe içün baqtım

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honestly abolish read receipts. who needs the stress. the only purpose of a read receipt is to overthink why someone hasn’t responded to you yet but honestly “instantaneously” is not always the best time to respond to a message

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"it's your fault if you didn't read the fine print"

counterpoint: it's written in fine print for the express purpose of deceiving people, and people who do that, no matter how ubiquitous it is, are to blame for this deception

personligt, arbete 

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best thing i've ever heard about labels: "as any cat will tell you, putting yourself in a box is completely different from someone else putting you in a box"

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Strip personhood status from corporations and give it to our rivers, lakes, mountains and forests


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Jul, personligt (--) 

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