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OK, I’m Źmicier. My main account is @lime. Nice to meet you.

I want an account to write random stuff in my life, including negative. And perpahs for shitposting! :) I will write in random languages, and won’t stick to one, so I guess this instance will do. I hope you don’t mind me here.

I consider Belarusian and Ukrainian my native languages, but I speak Russian better. I also speak English, and learned bits of other languages (Latin, Portuguese, Swedish).

У мінулую нядзелю, 13.10.2019, я амаль увесь дзень гаварыў па-беларуску.

Быццам бы будзённая рэч, але — здаецца, гэта ў мяне быў першы такі дзень? А я 24 гады жыву ў Беларусі, большую частку майго жыцця.

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Coffee is essential to survival.

The dinosaurs didn't have coffee. See what happened!

jokingly comparing other cultures to extraterrestrials 

day 12: Noir

(Maybe not really noir, but at least I've tried)

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day 5: Lab accident

(I'm late, and I'm not happy with this at all, but I guess it will do)

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My housemates are convinced our house is haunted.

I've lived here for 274 years and not noticed anything strange.

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day 2: Glitch

(Some games have bugs with passability settings, which allow characters to walk on the sky)

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day 1: Me as a supervillain

(Yes, that's how supervillains look like)

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