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OK, I’m Źmicier. My main account is @lime. Nice to meet you.

I want an account to write random stuff in my life, including negative. And perpahs for shitposting! :) I will write in random languages, and won’t stick to one, so I guess this instance will do. I hope you don’t mind me here.

I consider Belarusian and Ukrainian my native languages, but I speak Russian better. I also speak English, and learned bits of other languages (Latin, Portuguese, Swedish).

Jag ska skriva mer på esperanto här, därför att jag har utvandrat till Portugal och esperantisterna här är så snälla, därför lär jag mig esperanto nu.


Mi portis mian komputilon al riparejo kaj nur poste rimarkis, le oni ne donis al mi nenian dokumenton por pruvi, ke ili havas mian komputilon.

Amikiĉo trankviligis min dirante, ke ĉi tie estas Portugalio kaj oni ĝin ne ŝtelos.

Nu, mi esperas, ke li pravas.

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anyone can err

to really fuck it up, though, you gotta be an expert

Jag har inte skrivit här på länge. Äntilgen är jag i Portugal. Det var inte enkelt att få visumet; vi har inga portugusisk ambasad i Vittryssland, därför var jag i Ukraina. Men nu är jag i Porto. Det var en lång väg.

day 4: translucent
(OK, my window is more like 'transparent' than 'translucent' but I guess it's close enough)

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Reverse pomodoro: 25 mins of rest, 5 mins of short work, 15 mins of long work

joke about Latin plurals 

Linuxes? Actually, the plural is Linoges

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me when a 'grammarian' complains about singular they: and yet thou usest singular ye? mayhaps thou shouldst get a real job

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There are liminal spaces, neither here nor there. There are liminal times, neither now nor then.
People move past them and through them. Some are thrilled, some are scared, some don't even notice. Like when they meet me.
There are liminal beings, who are neither this nor that.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I hate it when websites use 'letters' to mean 'Latin letters', don't do this please

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oh hey it's been three minutes since I yelled for you to pls read my very good, very #NSFW comic 📢👏👏👏

state homophobia (---) 

Belarusian health minister supports the idea to increase age of consent for homosexual relationships, and to introduce “criminal and administrative liability for spreading information that discredits the the institution of the family, or marital and family relationships”

I'm angry about all this, but I feel helpless to change anything. Well, at least I'm changing my life by emigrating

visas (-) 

To get a work visa in Portugal, I need to go to Portuguese embassy in Moscow (because Belarus doesn't have its Portuguese embassy, and Slovak embassy only issues tourist visas to Portugal, not work visas)

But they apparently will take my passport for a few weeks, and without it, I won't be able to go back to Belarus

How does this even work? Am I supposed to wait for a few weeks in Russia? That sounds expensive

I hope they have some simpler way...

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