I'm planning to take part in the challenge this year and will post the pictures here. My goal is quantity (not quality) — I plan to do something everyday

day 1: Me as a supervillain

(Yes, that's how supervillains look like)

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day 2: Glitch

(Some games have bugs with passability settings, which allow characters to walk on the sky)

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day 5: Lab accident

(I'm late, and I'm not happy with this at all, but I guess it will do)

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jokingly comparing other cultures to extraterrestrials 

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OK I probably won't finish Octobit. Too busy with other things rn ^^'

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@lime I liked what you did so far. If it's not too much trouble please share more of it some other time!

@lapis Thanks for your kind words!! They're motivating me to do something :D

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