wrote a passage from my favourite song (youtube.com/watch?v=T8_04rELqo)
i’m slowly starting to feel comfortable writing in arabic script which feels weird.
sadly, i won’t be able to read my own handwriting as comfortably because there are not enough texts to practice reading nastaliq. unless i go learn urdu i guess.

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Cuando estabamos sentado en casa de usted, me dijo que no podría aprender kazajo aqui. Yo lo haré, dije. Después de cuatro meses, kazajo llenó todos mis pulmones como el viento de estepas, llenó todo mi estómago como carne de caballo, llenó toda mi mente como el cielo infinito. Todas las personas son kazajas y kazajos. Todas los sonidos son la lengua kazajo.

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The reason I don't usually "ask for help" is not that I feel like I don't deserve it, or due to fear of rejection.
It's that I have no trust that the help offered will in any way match my needs.

This is how i’ll be doing my new vocabulary lists from now on. The trick is that when i’ll be reviewing the words, i’ll have to read my own handwriting (with mistakes) and thus learn to read handwritten töte jazuw.

Qazaq original and Russian translation of a new novel by Iliyas Esenberlin. That’s what i call a perfectly localised edition!


fuck am i lonely. always looking at your world through the glass of a fish bowl

Today i learned that my manner of having meaningful conversation is called ‘infodumping’. Should probably go learn more of that vocab.

I think if Turkey had their own Ahmet Baitursınulı, there would be no need to change to Latin alphabet.

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Do digital books last longer than physical books? @brewsterkahle highlights the lengths libraries go through to keep digital books viable: they “need constant maintenance—reprocessing, reformatting, re-invigorating or they will not be readable or read.” blog.archive.org/2022/11/15/di

got my little töte jazuw app online.
have fun!
report all bugs here


made a lazy converter from Qazaq Cyrillic to töte jazuw (Qazaq Arabic script). simple interactive apps are so easy to make these days

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VS Code用の小説執筆支援機能拡張、 novel-writer を開発しています。

標準のバージョン管理ソフトウェアGitを使うことのできるソフトウェア開発用エディターのVS Codeに、縦書きプレビューと日本語の品詞ハイライト、原稿の結合、フォルダー内の文字数カウント、縦書きプレビューのPDF出力などを追加することで、日本語の小説執筆ができるようになりました。


#vscode #writing #plugin #novelwriter


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インターネットアーカイブまで分散SNSのサーバを建てる時代か。時代も変わったもんだなぁ。 mastodon.archive.org/

choosing the right instance is the key.
i made my first account on mstdn.jp some time ago, but it turned out the local timeline is mostly filled up with lolicon fans, so it was hard for me to even find interesting people to follow.
not sure if polyglot.city existed by then or maybe i missed it because it was too small, but i’m really happy i could get in this time.
there are much more people to relate to, and also easier to follow the local timeline because it’s smaller.

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