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i made a bingo game to help me learn and recognize numbers (my problem area in almost every target language)
maybe someone else might find it helpful too

(and i've really tried, but it doesn't look too great on mobile screens, i'm sorry about that)

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hi i'm ney i'm currently learning italian as my 5th language, so i'm going to try to write in italian here! i'm still a beginner so there will be a lot of mistakes but i want to get used to the language a little bit more
also i plan to start learning korean soon too!

할인 있었으니까 베리드 스타즈를 샀어

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i believe i've written about this before, but the fun thing about sign languages is that their relationships are very unlike their spoken counterparts in the same regions

german sign is part of a small family that also includes polish and israeli sign

german sign is only used in germany; austria has its own sign language, as do german and french switzerland (italian switzerland uses italian sign). austrian sign is closely related to czech and hungarian sign, among others

dutch sign is only used in the netherlands. there used to be a belgian sign language, until it split into flemish and french belgian sign

the swiss, austrian, dutch, belgian, italian sign languages all descend from old french sign, as does ASL

quebec has its own sign language, because of course it does. it is somewhat of a mix of american and french sign

india, despite having 120 spoken languages, has one single sign lanugage which is also signed in pakistan and bangladesh (though with numerous dialects of course). it doesn't seem to be related to any european or arabic families

british sign is entirely distinct from ASL. it descends from old british sign language, as do new zealand and south african sign (unsurprisingly), as well as (perhaps more surprisingly) swedish, finnish, portuguese, and eritrean sign

danish and norwegian sign are not related to these at all, they are further descendants of old french sign

the plains nations had their own sign languages, and apparently a pidgin of these used as lingua franca among them?

as did the australian aborigines

i'm just an amateur linguist but this stuff is
interesting as fuck

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I’m seeing a lot of “hot takes” on how Alexa is losing money and everyone thinks it’s great/predictable. But I have another take.

My uncle is blind with multiple learning disabilities and one thing I would say though is it’s probably the most liberating piece of tech my he has ever had.

It means he can actually use the iplayer/sounds, check the weather, check obituaries (he’s obsessed with them), set his own alarms etc.

#a11y #accessibility

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I looked back at Section 6 of #StochasticParrots, which begins with this paragraph.

And then we look deeply into the risks and harms that follow when that seemingly coherent text reproduces the language of systems of oppression.


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BBC News have written an article called "Staying Warm; What does an unheated room do to your body?"

A healthy male journalist was connected to medical monitors and the impact on his body documented as the room fell from a cosy 21c to 10c-the average winter temperature of an unheated room.

It's interesting, but it's bland data without context and lived experience, so let me tell you what it's actually like to inhabit a space that's not warm enough...


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3. These myths still exist. They were deeply demotivating to me when I was younger. They demotivate people now. And they simply are not true!

I've met people who have NOT traveled to a country of their target language, but who have learned that language and the culture.

I've met people who have traveled the world, yet know very little about other languages and cultures (and often have little respect for the countries they visit!)

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The Ancient Egyptian for "cat" is 𓏇𓇍𓅱𓃠 or "mjw", a consonant-only representation of the onomatopoeic word... miaow.

#AncientEgypt #Cats #Miaow #Onomatopoeia #Linguistics

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In April 1948, the US Occupation military police, with Japanese authorities, violently closed hundreds of Korean schools in Japan, considering they were communist threats. Korean kids, who finally found their place outside of Japanese racism, wrote to a US officer Eichelberger, begging that they want their teachers back.

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6. doesn't mean that you understand 80% of the sentences perfectly and you can't read 20% at all....doesn't work like that.

No, it means you understand 80% of the words of all the sentences, and you completely understand nearly 0% of the sentences LOL.

(a bit of exaggeration)

But it can *feel* that you are no closer to becoming fluent than weeks or months or years ago.

Your learning RATE probably had not decreased.

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"Try reading the following out loud:

Hashtag screenreaders for the hashtag blind and hashtag VisuallyImpaired read every hashtag HashTags out loud and so it's hard for people with hashtag VisualImpairment to get the sense of the post because it's being constantly interrupted by well-meaning hashtag accessibility hashtag allies.

Easier to read with a block of hashtags at the bottom:
#screenreaders #VisuallyImpaired #blind #allies #Hashtags #accessibility"
--original author unknown

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Here's the custom cover I did for Free League's Things From The Flood role playing game that was based on my second book with the same name. The game, like the book, takes place during the 90s and the kids from Tales From The Loop are now teenagers and everything is just a little bit more dark and serious. In the marketing of the game, Free League said this about the new mechanics: "Things are different - now you can die!" - also not a terrible quote to summarize my teenage neuroses.

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Herzlicher bienvenido a lxs nuevxs quienes recently joined polyglot city aka Shitpostdorf.

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The German word "wählen" can mean
- to pick, to choose
- to elect
- to dial
The German word "Null" can mean
- zero
- loser, jerk

So, someone saying "Ich habe die Null gewählt" either means
- "I've dialed zero."
- "I voted for that idiot."

Enjoy our language!

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My first research thread shared here is a recap of our recent #UIST paper. We asked: How can #AI support #writing without trying to correct us or writing for us? This led us to go "Beyond Text Generation: Supporting Writers with Continuous Automatic Text Summaries". ✍️🤖


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Found this abandoned diner along a desert highway, far away from anything. It looks like they closed down and locked up without clearing out the building.

Some of my favorite abandoned places are the ones where it looks like people just up and left one day. There wasn't an entrance to this one, so I took a picture through the window.

Years after taking this photo, I just now realized the clock is stopped at 4:20.

#abandoned #urbex #urbanexploration #photography #diner

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Since this has grown a lot since our first #introduction , FYI:

The Gradient is a non-profit and volunteer-run organization with the mission of facilitating discussion within the AI community. We were founded in 2017 by a group of students and researchers at the Stanford AI Lab. Our current projects include The Gradient Magazine, The Gradient Podcast, The Update newsletter, and Sigmoid Social (the site you are currently on).

You can read more about us here:

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One thing I do is try out A LOT of digital tools. I should write more about my best finds.

If you use Google Forms, I’d urge you to stop. A privacy-respecting form builder, that I’ve been running for almost 2 years now, is

It’s based in Belgium, free (with branding) and just lovely to use. It’s also part of small tech, run by a young couple. Learn more about their amazing journey challenging Google on the Tally blog.


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Every Mastodon explanation is like "It's very simple, your account is part of a kerflunk, and each kerflunk can talk to each other as part of a bumblurt. At the moment everyone you flurgle can see your bloops but only people IN your kerflunk can quark your nerps. Kinda like email."

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