It turns out is the app I've always been looking for: a dictionary app to which source dictionaries can be added. When looking up words, it does so in all your dictionaries. For example, when looking up a word in a target language, it might find it in a "native to target" language dictionary, as well as in a target language dictionary. Or in just one of them. The inferface is not so pretty but very functional.

Available on @fdroidorg

What do you usually drink when you need to focus (or wake up)?

limited-time offer for learners of #French 

WOW this is unexpected! I've been using a language learning platform and their Community software beta is based on Fediverse software (specifically Mastodon)

Attached screenshot, though the platform is still in beta.
Screenshot of the network
Screenshot of polls.

Traveling by train is so much nicer than flying <3

More pictures of Tbilisi – again, looking away from the bustling tourist areas, the water fountains, the green parks, the women singing in old churches, the coffee houses and luxury stores. These are the backyards within a few hundred meters of our hotel.
Sadly, no pictures allowed inside the church while service is ongoing. It breaks my heart to see grown people cry.
#Georgia #Photography

I love FLOSS, there's nothing better than seeing our own people using this and there's nothing better than having it available in our native language for this.

If you want to know what projects I'm translating, here:
- #Fedilab
- #Tusky
- #Plume
- #Funkwhale
- #Hubzilla
I hope translate #Friendica soon.

#Translation #Donation #Help

question pour persons qui parlon francais et utilize un prenom neutral//question for people who speak french and use a neutral pronoun 

I have quite a few Mastodon accounts with different languages or themes. I'm using a different interface language for each of them. It's kinda fun and also kind of practical: when I receive notification emails I know right away from which account they're coming.

So yesterday I created a new Mastodon account & set the interface language to . 🤷‍♂️ It's.. it's.. it's fun. Really. Almost like not knowing how to read. (I would love to learn more Finnish but so far I only know a little).

Doing a mindmap for a hobby project. Adding some fun to it by doing it in one my target languages 😊

It turns out AOSP's Virtual Keyboard options allow us to define the language independently from the layout:

Settings > System > Languages & Input > Virtual Keyboards > Apparence & Layouts > Custom input styles

Thanks @HorlogeSkynet!

I've recently learnt that Crimean Tatar in Latin script adapts names (like we do in Cyrillic). E.g. they write Vilyam Şekspir not William Shakespeare (Şekspir is immediately readable because you're not supposed to know the original language to pronounce the name). I like this.

🇮🇹 There's an Italian language fork of which has just been updated at:

It's maintained by @marianom

🇫🇷 There's also a French language fork at:

which is maintained by @albakham

Any others I'm missing?

If you want to translate and/or alter to make your own version, go right ahead! is Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike, so you're allowed to use its contents within your own works.

Is there a way to keep the same keyboard layout across languages on ?
I'm all the time switching between languages and I'd like the layout to be consistent (in other words, only the dictionary should change). Any ideas?

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