#GoldenDict is an advanced #dictionary.

GoldenDict is a system-wide dictionary that can be called up to define a selected word or set of characters at the press of a key. GoldenDict supports having several dictionaries at once, and supports many local and remote dictionary formats. GoldenDict also supports using commands for searching definitions, greatly extending the possible formats supported.

Website 🔗️: goldendict.org/

apt 📦️: goldendict

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Ah yes, “Soy Milk”, from the Spanish “I am Milk”

Une nouvelle démonstration de la dépendance de l'État français à l'informatique privatrice de Microsoft. Face à une telle inertie, l'urgence d'une véritable politique de priorité au logiciel libre est de plus en plus évidente.


Une situation qui résonne fort avec les propos d'un projet d'un rapport sur la souveraineté numérique récemment mis en ligne : Veut-on former l'esprit critique des élèves ou en faire de passifs utilisateurs ?


How do you pronounce /etc? Just wondering, am I the only one who is used to latinized option?

Ostin uuden sängyn. Se on hyvää laatuista, mutta se ei ollut halppa.

I like the phrase “hand over footage”

Das, liebe Kinder, war die digitale Vorstufe zur #wikipedia und früher gab's das sogar noch für teuer Geld auf Holz gedruckt. Habe ich auch noch hier. *seufz*

@cedric Euh dis, tu voudrais pas m'envoyer un café ? Je vais vraiment en avoir besoin aujourd'hui 😣

Jason Nishiyama is an astronomer who posts about stars, planets, galaxies and the equipment used to observe them. You can follow at:

➡️ @evilscientistca

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Apparently an American who doesn't know Scottish is responsible for writing a significant part of Scottish Wikipedia, with hilarious results reddit.com/r/Scotland/comments

about this comic...

i'm curious... do americans generally distinguish between socialism and social democracy?

in the post-war era, the nordic countries have generally followed a social-democratic model.

since english wikipedia fails to explain social democracy simply and clearly (i suspect the englush-speaking word struggles to understand the nordic model), i'm attaching the definition from norwegian wikipedia.

now, would this american comic be referring to a system like that too?

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