Today is one year old, yay!

So, a few words about the state and future plans of our instance from your admin.

As was already a year ago, is currently administered, moderated and paid solely by myself. This has been a sustainable model so far, and if we keep going like this, it will stay sustainable. I've renewed the domain for another year and I'll keep paying the monthly hosting fee, and everything will stay as it is now.


@rgggn This may be a problem specific to the English world. At least in Finland every language book offers IPA, at least in simplified version, starting from 3rd grade language books for kids.

Reminder that "nibling" is a legit word for "nephew or niece" and also an adorable one

The presenter in a meeting yesterday, stating the agenda: "then we will have 15 minutes if you have any Q&As". 👀

From Gabriel Wyner's Fluent Forever: "If the book gives you "Englishy" pronunciation for each word (Bonjour: bawn-JURE, Tschüss: chewss), I give you permission to burn it and find a different one." This. Incidentally, pronunciation seems to be the poor relation of language books. From my experience at least, even really good language books often lack decent pronunciation material (I've hardly seen one which relies on the for example).

"In Berlin-Mitte gibt es eine Kneipe mit dem Namen Ick koof mir Dave Lombardo wenn ick reich bin." hmm.. ok..

"Wenn du glaubst, dass das Problem jetzt übel ist, warte mal ab, bis wir es gelöst haben."

Spoke for ten minutes yesterday, for the very first time! It was difficult at first but it felt great and my friend said we can do it as often I'd like 🤗🤗🤗

Let's exchange some lesser-known language resources, shall we?

I've been using Learn with Oliver for.. Hmm.. At least a decade I guess. It's an SRS with:
* An example sentence for each word
* Audio from a native speaker for all words and sentences
* Many different exercises
* Customizable newsletters

Your turn now!

Does anyone have suggestions on resources on how to draw Chinese characters when left-handed?

So far all the stroke order guides I've found show me animations that would cause the pen point to stuck in the paper if drawn with left hand.


No idea who made this but it's gorgeous in its simplicity.


Alb is a programming language created entirely in arabic, built to "[highlight] cultural biases of computer science and [challenge] the assumptions we make about programming."

it is a tree-walking interpreter in JavaScript. you can watch its creator talk about the language in the vid below

An amusing thing happened today at Kaufland. I had with me an armful of drinks and snacks and was waiting behind someone with a filled shopping cart. Then somehow I looked to my right and this guy with a filled shopping cart kinda looked at the guy in front of me and made a face then he made eye contact with me then eye contact to him and the guy on the side to me made eye contact with me and pointed with his eyes at the area in front of him which signals that I can go in front of him instead of waiting in line for long. This communication was all done just via eye contact.
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