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In English they have no word for oído so they call it "innear ear" which means "the part that is inside the outer cartilage of your ear".

What are some other examples of languages doing normal language things?

A tool to create custom smartphone keyboard layouts for languages beyond those typically supported by tech companies #linguistics

Ich werde diese Instance nutzen, um auf Deutsch zu denken und zu schreiben. 🍓

Näin delfiinin Irlannissa. Se oli todella kaunis. ❤️

Saavun polkupyörällä... Mutta minulla ei ole polkupyörää! 🤯

@rgggn huh! i think it's interesting how they did thou/you for the singular/plural clarification, as my instinct to keep them clear in my own language learning has always been you/y'all.

maybe the clearest way would be thou/y'all

Anteeksi! Olen ulkomainen matkailija. Olen eksyksissä... Missä on eläintarha?

Gens normaux: il est minuit 15
Anglophones: il est 12 heures 15 du matin

Confession: I get irrationally angry at Portuguese for not being Spanish for the 15 seconds I spent trying to read it until something stuck out as Portuguese.

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