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@Stoori I know I don't use it as much as I should, but I appreciate this instance's existence. I'd love to see more linguistics and language discussion, but it feels like that's the most niche of all of my interests. It also doesn't help that I can't contribute much to that discussion haha

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We'll continue to exist as a quiet niche instance at least for the second year, but who knows what will happen a year from now. Anyway, thanks for being here and taking part in our discussions. :)


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This has also affected my stated aim of founding a co-op to take over the admin and moderator responsibilities: with so few active users and so little sense of community, there's no ground for a co-op to grow from. If we had, say, 1000 users, we could have enough people to run a co-op. But we will never get to a bigger user base, unless we move to a bigger hosting plan and open the registrations again.


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However, we've reached the user cap of our current hosting plan. About a third of our users are active as per the default definition of the term in Mastodon (whatever that is), but still the local timeline is a quiet place. My vision a year ago was a thriving local multilingual community, but this doesn't seem to have happened. And because of the user cap, we can't keep registrations open, so there won't be coming any new users for now and the local community will probably stay quiet.


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Today is one year old, yay!

So, a few words about the state and future plans of our instance from your admin.

As was already a year ago, is currently administered, moderated and paid solely by myself. This has been a sustainable model so far, and if we keep going like this, it will stay sustainable. I've renewed the domain for another year and I'll keep paying the monthly hosting fee, and everything will stay as it is now.


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"It’s highly possible that this learning difference by age is not due to some magic change in brain plasticity, but simply that adults don’t have as much time to be exposed as children and often hit a point where it stops being helpful to improve after a while. "

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"They become totally fluent at this slower pace and reaching native-level mastery provides little additional advantage. Maybe it’s not that it’s harder for older learners or that they’re not capable, maybe it’s just that they don’t have the same opportunity."

I think that is true. Kids has more time and chances to exposure themselves to another language whether they want or not.

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just learned that japanese has the word 自炊(じすい)which jisho says is "cooking for oneself; cooking one's own food," which i think is cool. i want to try to do that someday.
未来で、私が自炊をしたい。i think lol

Estoy buscando un trabajo de oficina. Estou cansado de restaurant ahorita. Hojala bien noticia pronto.

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Mi padre va visitarnos mañana por una semana.
Yo quiero que él se quede en mi casa, pero, es me frustra cuando él tiene la estadía aquí. Mi papá y mi hermano se transforman muy machismo cuando nos reunimos, y me molesta.
Tengo que hacer un montón de mierda, entonces creo que mi humor me empeora. 😩

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Este viernes, visité Noisiel, una pequeña ciudad en las afueras de París. Era una ciudad importante en los siglos 19 y 20 porque tenía una factoria de chocolate.

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I guess I should do an .

Hey, my name is Drew. I'm originally from 🇬🇧 (London Area) but moved "home" to Mumbai ( 🇮🇳) two years ago.

I speak English 🇮🇳 / 🇺🇸 Hinglish (mixed hindi+english written in roman script)

Learning: 🇯🇵 🇫🇷 🇮🇹

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The twitter hashtag is getting a bit more popular so I thought I’d share it here. It’s mostly used by anime/video game translators tho, but it’s still nice to see the ppl behind all the translation work

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I was already following Caleb cook who’s the official JP->ENG translator for several Shonen jump series including bnha, but this tag helped me find other ppl on twitter who translated some of my favorite comics.

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Comida, Cocina; Food, Cooking 

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¿Piensan sobre aprendiendo algunos idioma amenazados? Supuestamente si aprendemos un idioma amenazados podamos salvarlo por extinción.

Lo mejor y tal vez sola recuperación es el hebreo.

Me preocupo sobre los idiomas indígenas perdidos por asentamiento / globalización.

No hablo sobre todo, pero supongo que sea especialmente mal en norteamericano porque la escuelas obligadas indígenas.

Hay idiomas por ejemplo Ainu, Dakota, Shenwa, Yawuru,

¿Hay opiniones?

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Tengo una pregunta.

Busco "cautivo" y me encuentro muchas fotografías de Jesus. ¿Por que? ¿Hay un matiz o tal vez una ubicación? Mi diccionario simplemente dice "captive".


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Me llamo Ady, soy marroquí, vivo en Francia, y estoy estudiando español solo.

Empecé estudiar español al colegio, cuando tenía 12 años. No quería aprender español sino aprender alemán pero no podía elegir.

Hoy he cambiado de opiníon. Quiero hablar español porque es una herencia de la colonización del Norte de Marruecos. Este idioma me pertenece a mí también.

Hablo árabe marroquí, francés, inglés, y quiero aprender turco. Me aficionan los coches y los trenes.

¡Buenos días! :D

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Soy nerd, que me interesa a aprender idiomas.

Me defiendo bastante bien en . (~B1 informalmente)

Estudio .
Je parle un peu.

Je parle l'anglais, mais je voudrais ne écrire pas dans lui.

Vivo @ - Videojuegos, BuJo, y los cacoposteaos.

@ - los libros y y . Mantengo un grupo de lectura sobre joven adulto

Por favor corrijame cuando estoy equivocada.

J'aime corrections.

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I've taken up an old habit again: setting the language of my devices to one of my target languages.

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