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I'm terrible at this thing, but I'll try. I am a reader, writer, tinkerer/maker, aspiring polyglot, anti-capitalist, internationalist, scientist, and occasional gardener and coder who never knows how to answer the question "where are you from?" and uses "we" in unpredictable ways. I love bad jokes and genuine conversations. I miss doing amateur theater and giving academic talks. I use only open source software (except games) and wish walled gardens hadn't taken over the internet.

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Description of avatar and banner 

Avatar: 3d render of AURYN from The Neverending Story. It's an amulet with two snakes (one yellow, the other green) biting each other's tail to make a circle and their bodies entwined in the middle. The amulet is leaning on brown marble.
Banner: Close-up photo of calligraphic cursive Latin script in an old book with yellow pages. A signature and wax smudge follow the text on the left page. The right page is out of focus, but has swirls in the margin and more text.

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Welcome to #Whamageddon. The challenge: during the month of December, go as long as possible without hearing the song “Last Christmas” by Wham. Post when you lose. Covers don’t count. Have fun.

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Oslo City Hall in Norway flies the Palestinian flag to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians in their struggle for liberation, dignity & freedom

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I'm seeing more and more people tooting like it's twitter, even in our small corner

please no i don't want this to turn into a humble-bragging, engagement-driving marketing shithole like twitter

My @polyglotcitystudies report: I'm partway through revising the Russian I studied months ago. I'm hoping to get all caught up this week and even start moving forawrd again. I've got all week off next week, and I'd really like to go into it with some studying momentum.

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eugen, politics of open source 

the fucking Fortune article on Eugen is going to make me go feral I s2g

on the one hand, website boy absolutely does not deserve more press. shut up.

but also a bunch of people are using this as an opportunity to talk about how "open source never learns from it's mistakes" and "when will people abandon the bdfl model" and "why aren't projects working to diversify their contributor bases" like

what do you think people are trying to do oh my gods, you cannot criticize a community for not doing things that people in that community ARE DOING. if you don't like Eugen why don't you give some press time to people like Claire and tobi instead of talking about how Eugen proves that fedi is evil

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Interesting how everyone is so supportive when it comes to white queer people facing any discrimination on Mastodon but as soon as poc talk about the racism they face then suddenly everyone is okay with being dismissive (queer poc exist but racism wouldn't suddenly spare them).

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If you don't schedule maintenance, it will schedule itself.

Also applies to your body.

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From @mellon_heads on Twitter:
Why does Sauron always dress in black?
He wants to be More Goth.

(I’m always Tolkien trash about him…)

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(please boost) asking for money help 

hello! i need $80 to order groceries, $60 for medical weed, and $15 for some vitamin d ($155 total)

i'm currently unemployed and in the process of applying for disability





thank you so much 🖤

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

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Economics: Humans only value things monetarily.
Sociology: Uh, I don't ...
Economics: Humans are always rational and value is calculated by a complex inner calculus.
Sociology: Uh, Psy, can you help?
Psychology: That's not how humans ...
Physics: *drops teacup*

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"Colour" is as much to do with perception as physics. I've just found an ace little demo of the Gelb effect, where the brightest thing in an image appears white: As you add boxes, each new box looks white until the next one appears.

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Please add image descriptions, folks! I would like to boost your funny & cute photos, but I'm not boosting inaccessible stuff to my followers! I just "unboosted" something because I didn't want to do that.

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How much can you say in 500 English characters vs. 500 German ones? What about Cantonese?

I was thinking about this, and about compactness in general. So I put together a chart of 4 typical social-media phrases in 10 languages. Here are the character counts, and the raw data. (*)

#linguistics #languages #language #English #Hebrew #French #Spanish #Russian #Polish #German #Dutch #Arabic #Cantonese #עברית #العربية #français #español #Русский #polski #deutsch #nederlands #廣東話 @linguistics

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the kid in omelas was a content moderator

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Hello @languagelovers ,

I have a Spanish speaker learning English. Seems about B1 level maybe. Looking for a book or other sources on English grammar - in English.

Any recommendations?

I have several books on Eng grammar, but I don’t think any of them would be good for a non-native learning the language.

Doesn’t have to be a book. Maybe videos in “simple English”

And thoughts are welcome
Thank you ありがとうgracias 謝謝

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Anybody speaking Hungarian? Please? Anybody?

Bárki aki beszél magyarul? Tényleg bárki?

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Today I'm thinking about how fucked up it is that American plantations aren't treated like concentration camps. Like, people actually get married at plantations. Imagine if someone got married at the Wannsee House. That's how I feel about your plantation wedding. They should be somber places for reflecting on great evil, not places where you throw a party. WTF. Burn them down or turn them into museums but don't act like it's just a neutral pretty place. It's not. It's a place where human beings were tortured.

Finally getting started on a project I've had in mind for a while: isntalling mastodon on a spare computer so I can learn about how its set up and maybe/hopefully do some (Hometown) development, too.

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