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I'm terrible at this thing, but I'll try. I am a reader, writer, tinkerer/maker, aspiring polyglot, anti-capitalist, internationalist, scientist, and occasional gardener and coder who never knows how to answer the question "where are you from?" and uses "we" in unpredictable ways. I love bad jokes and genuine conversations. I miss doing amateur theater and giving academic talks. I use only open source software (except games) and wish walled gardens hadn't taken over the internet.

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Description of avatar and banner 

Avatar: 3d render of AURYN from The Neverending Story. It's an amulet with two snakes (one yellow, the other green) biting each other's tail to make a circle and their bodies entwined in the middle. The amulet is leaning on brown marble.
Banner: Close-up photo of calligraphic cursive Latin script in an old book with yellow pages. A signature and wax smudge follow the text on the left page. The right page is out of focus, but has swirls in the margin and more text.

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via @HTHR

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Viewed narrowly, it might appear that the web "went wrong" over the last 15 years. But what really happened was that a system which emerged out of public institutions in the early 1990s became increasingly commodified and integrated into global capitalism, such that today it might be tricky to imagine capitalism without its web aspect. #internet

I finally started Metal Gear Solid for the first time earlier this evening, and I think I'm going to enjoy these games! I bought a collection with the first few games in the series, so lots to look forward to.

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fascism italy 

Do you know what's going on in Italy to fight against fascism ?

please boost, I would be more than happy to talk with an italian fighting against fascism

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BRpol and fediverse 

It really is fucked up that, except brazilians, nobody on fedi seems to give a fuck to the events going on in Brazil right now. It is just bad that ppl cannot think or talk about politics outside the mainstream (USA-UK-some other event on europe) and pretty much an ethnocentric rationality running in the background. We should be a case study for the world in many aspects, we have a public higher education system and a public health care system with universal entry (including for foreign folks) while being a continental country, social achievements and rights that are often under the right-wing attack considering also some sort of dependence of the inner elites to the foreign right-wing and states. We have an e-voting system that gives you the results of elections in the same day, in a continental country, RUNNING A LINUX DISTRO, and no one on fedi seems to be aware of this. That's just unbelievable the atrocious way that we've been erased of politics and history.

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Afternoon sun was making an impressive row of dicks along Westminster Bridge, opposite Parliament

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I can so relate to this excellent piece by Mary Annaïse Heglar.

"Here’s my confession: I don’t care how green you are. I want you in the movement for climate justice."

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"if i replace all the words, is it really plagiarism?"

this argument is known as the ship of thesaurus

I started unpacking the books I shiped from my parents' house this summer and trying to figure out how they'll all fit on my shelves. I'm really enjoying the challenge of satisfying all of my quirky constraints! It's fun to exert my brain in a different way, and I get to spend time with my books, and I get a beautful outcome!

Should be a good weekend. :)

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who called it white nonsense and not 

what the # ffffff


It's very sad how quickly Finland has sunk to the "Build the wall!" level of reactionary populism. Will we soon have a politician saying that Russia will pay for it?

Hi @rctatman! I recently discovered your videos (because someone boosted one of your toots), and I'm really enjoying them. Thanks!

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"- 51 (34 %) of the 150 busiest flight routes in the EU can be made by train in under six hours.
- 73 (29 %) of the 250 busiest flights in Europe (EU, Norway, Switzerland and UK) can be
made by train in under six hours.
- 41 (27%) of the 150 busiest EU flights have direct night trains alternatives in 2021.
- For 81 million European air passengers, trains under 6 hours are available"

It's high time we say goodbye to short haul flights for good.

Happy Stanislav Petrov Day!

We pretty much all owe him our lives, but surprisingly few people have ever heard of him.

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Had no sale at all this month and I need money so please check out my shop? 🌟 here's a 15% off code for you, valid all weekend: TOOT
Any help and boosts would be very nice, thanks 💙

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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Some ripe planet-facing adbusting by Brandalism and Subvertising International at Seven Sisters, North London (photographer Michelle Tylicki) and Brighton (unknown). 500 sites around Europe apparently, in broad daylight.

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