I'm terrible at this thing, but I'll try. I am a reader, writer, tinkerer/maker, aspiring polyglot, anti-capitalist, internationalist, scientist, and occasional gardener and coder who never knows how to answer the question "where are you from?" and uses "we" in unpredictable ways. I love bad jokes and genuine conversations. I miss doing amateur theater and giving academic talks. I use only open source software (except games) and wish walled gardens hadn't taken over the internet.

@thurisaz I have a technical question. What are the allowed image and video sizes for upload on this instance?

@madmansnest AFAIK, there isn't a per-post limit, thought I believe Mastodon automatically resizes images. At the moment, we're not at risk of hitting the storage limits from our hosting provider, so I'd say the guideline is just "be reasonable". If you mainly want to be posting videos, it would probably be good to use a peertube instance and then toot links to that.

@thurisaz thanks! i will be very rarely posting short videos, so it should not be that of a problem i hope. i sometimes get weird error messages like ‘error processing thumbnail for the media’ which makes me think i am doing something incorrectly.

@thurisaz Hi! You can meet fellow aspiring polyglots, language enthusiasts, and language learners in !

@The_Pyroneer Thanks! I'll have a look at that when I have some time.

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