I'm also now the proud (and perhaps foolish) owner of a unicycle, so learning to ride it is the other thing I'll be doing this weekend -- unless it rains too much.

This arrived today. I'm really looking forward to reading it! Unfortunately much of it is excerpts from novels, but it's still a great way to get introduced to authors I don't know and a cultural imagination I'm not familiar with. :)


I have discovered that Schwa has a (sort of) Great Red Spot. Maybe Jupiter is his name?


Here's the lovely fellow I brought home yesterday. He's staying separated from the other cats for now, which means I woke up every few hours last night to switch rooms because someone was complaining. 😛

He's a bit unhappy because everything smells like the other cats, but I think he'll settle in fine. But he's also pretty assertive -- definitely not a Schwa!

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