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Meanwhile, in Turkey:

“At least eight journalists have been detained while covering Just Stop Oil protests in recent weeks. Their press credentials ignored, the journalists (including an LBC reporter, a documentary filmmaker and a photographer) were held for hours, fingerprinted and DNA-swabbed. Their phones and cameras were confiscated and – in at least one case – a journalist’s home was searched.“

I’m sorry, did I say Turkey? I meant the UK.

#uk #policeState

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May our networks be like mycelium -- connecting us together, decomposing the old, and making the soil fertile -- for what comes next.

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Judging social media sites by how well they allow you to realize Graeber and Wengrow's 3 neolithic freedoms:

(1) the freedom to move away or relocate from one’s surroundings
(2) the freedom to ignore or disobey commands issued by others
(3) the freedom to shape entirely new social realities, or shift back and forth between different ones

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@WahbAllat @nebuchi I found this one using judging by its owner's bio, it should include a number of Palestinians. There's a bunch of them in, too:

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Politics, Finland, indigenous rights 

Not enough international attention has been given to the current fight for a new law to protect the indigenous Sámi people in #Finland.

The colonial arguments by the Centre Party hoping to maintain oppression and continued human rights violations have been sickening – not to mention all of the racist attacks against individuals Sámi.

The law needs to finally pass after decades of delays.


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Something that will probably surprise few of you is that worker-owned cooperatives are, broadly speaking, more productive than their privately owned competitors:

“The largest study comparing the productivity of worker co-operatives with that of conventional businesses finds that in several industries, conventional companies would produce more with their current levels of employment and capital if they behaved like employee-owned firms.”


This makes intuitive sense, because capitalists do not play any role in production but do collect income from production, serving as dead weight on any firm.

This raises an apparent paradox: if capitalism is competitive, then shouldn’t these more-productive coops out-compete the less-productive capitalist firms?

This is where we bring in a key insight by Shimshon Nitzan and Jonathan Nitzan, author of “Capital as Power.” Capital, in their theory, is an abstract quantification of power to order and reorder society.

“To earn a profit, corporate owners must exert their power over society. And to provide the liquidity needed to price this power, they must be confident that society will continue to obey them – because if it doesn’t, future profits will falter along with prices.”


I can think of no clearer example of this than Eli Lilly’s recent loss of billions of dollars in value after someone fake-tweeted that the pharmaceutical firm would stop charging for insulin. (See the bottom of this post for an illustration of the loss.)

Eli Lilly earns huge rents by a) selling a drug critical for the daily survival of diabetics that is b) protected by a government-issued monopoly parents. The “announcement” on twitter that the firm was forgoing those rents was, in other words, a repudiation of the firm’s ability to compel obedience by both diabetics and potential competitors. The firm was worth less because it was less powerful, or was at least perceived to be.


Worker-owned coops have not replaced capitalist firms, then, because they are not as powerful as capitalist firms; they cannot compel obedience the same way capitalists can via the coercive state. They are more productive but not more *profitable* because they are less able to assert their will on society.

Capitalist competition, then, is not primarily about productivity, except perhaps at the lowest scales of small-to-medium sized enterprises, those firms too small to exercise meaningful control.

For the rest, though, competition for profits is a function of power: can the firm throw up barriers to entry into its market, like licensing requirements; can the firm afford to sway courts in its favor; can the firm secure ownership of patents and copyrights; can the firm secure subsidies from local governments by threatening to withdraw employment from their jurisdictions; can the firm secure preferential access to credit-issuing entities; can the firm hire death squads to murder labor organizers in Latin America; etc.

As @KevinCarson1 has noted, executives are often rewarded for increasing control even at the cost of lower profits:

“Costco’s stock fell in value, despite the company’s having outperformed Wal-Mart in profit, in response to adverse publicity in the business community about its above-average wages. Deutsche Bank analyst Bill Dreher snidely remarked, ‘At Costco, it’s better to be an employee or a customer than a shareholder.’ Nevertheless, in the world of faith-based investment, Wal-Mart ‘remains the darling of the Street, which, like Wal-Mart and many other companies, believes that shareholders are best served if employers do all they can to hold down costs, including the cost of labor.’”


The firm’s value is lower, despite higher revenue, because it exercises less *power* over its workers in the form of lower wages.

This is why you see capitalists try to force workers back into centralized workplaces, even though working from home is often more productive, or, failing that, impose remote monitoring software on workers even though this reduces morale and incentivizes workers to inefficiently work to satisfy the software rather than actual production.


Capitalism is ultimately one in a long line of systems designed to empower the few over the many. Like Oxymandias commanding armies of laborers to build his gargantuan statues in the desert, capitalism is a system of control, of power, of obedience. Other systems might threaten you directly with violence, or compel you to labor as a religious obligation. Capitalism mediates and distributes that control through alienating systems like the market and wage labor, but it’s still control.

I'm learning Shavian and I noticed that 𐑰 and the Cyrillic и correspond to the same sound. I wonder if that's by design or happy coincidence. Do you know, @shavian?

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Eli Lilly losing billions after a rumor of free insulin.

Lockheed Martin losing billions after a rumor of no more weapons exports to crisis regions.

"$company losing billions if $goodThing were to happen" is really all you need to know about free market capitalism.

Capitalism is a system of violence.

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You can be befuddled (perplexed or confused), but can you be fuddled?

Well, sort of. The word fuddled exists, and is the past participle of the verb to fuddle (to confuse, intoxicate, get drunk). So you could say "I was thoroughly fuddled last night", if you were very confused and/or drunk:

Things can get fuddlesome (confusing) if you're a fuddler (drunkard) and you like fuddling (getting drunk).

As a teetotaler, I do not fuddle.

A few weeks ago I hadn't heard of the Shavian alphabet. Now I have a growing urge to learn it. Thanks, @shavian!

This is the sort of thing I love about :)

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The fine folks who made the Long War mods for XCOM have released their game. Definitely gonna pick this one up.

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Hi, just showing off how strong my wheelchair and I are. 😜

Photos are from performances with Misiconi. This is a dance company which works with dancers with and without disabilities. You can read more about it and our projects over here:
(There is a yellow translate button in the corner.)
We dance at festivals, conferences and in theaters. Please hire us! 😄 Or :boost_ok:
#wheelchair #WheelchairDancer #disabled #inclusive #InclusiveDance

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Intellectual property theft, boost please 

So, DeviantArt opted in, by default, all existing art on the website for use by third-party AI.

Without notifying their users. For all existing art.

You have to go through your art pieces one by one and tick a box that you do NOT consent to this.

I learnt about it on Birdsite, by accident.

And of course, any inactive user or dead user will have their art used by AI models from now on, even though they never agreed to this.


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Herzlicher bienvenido a lxs nuevxs quienes recently joined polyglot city aka Shitpostdorf.

I sometimes really like walking around in the city center, but I really don't like how much harder and less pleasant cars and their infrastructure make it.

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