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Polyglot City is an instance for people interested in languages, language learning and translations, and for multilingual and polyglot people. You're free to toot about any topic (or even about no topic at all), as long as you follow a few simple rules (see below). Here you can use any language you like, and use of different languages is actually strongly encouraged!


  1. No discrimination or harassment of any kind, in any language. No nazism or nazi-sympathies. No illegal content. These will be moderated and can lead to account deletion.
  2. No bot accounts or accounts used solely for automated crossposting, redirections or data farming. Every account on this instance must be used manually by a real person. Bot accounts and automated accounts will be deleted. (To be clear: You are allowed to follow bot accounts residing on other instances.)
  3. Please consider using context warning (CW) when tooting about commonly sensitive topics, like sex & nudity or politics (note that this list is in no way exhaustive). In mild cases these won't be moderated but may result in you being asked to use CWs. Also please note that not using CWs in sensitive topics may lead to that our whole instance is blocked by other instances.
  4. These rules will be revised when needed. If a necessary rule is not mentioned here, please bring it to the admins to consider.
  5. Please follow the general good Mastodon etiquette.

Moderation circle

Currently our moderation circle has the following members. New moderators are appointed when necessary, to cover the volume and common languages on the instance.

Suspension of inactive accounts

Until further organisatory arrangements, hosting of this instance is fully paid by the admin. Thus our hosting plan has a cap of 100 user accounts. For this reason we will, from time to time, suspend accounts that have not been used in six months. When this is about to happen, these users will get a direct message telling about incoming suspension. After this announcement they have 30 days to reply to the message if they wish to continue to use their account. If no reply is received in 30 days, the account will be suspended.


At the moment the instance is run as a personal project of the admin. Our stated goal right from the outset is to transform the instance to be run by a sociocratically organized platform cooperative. The work regarding this will begin when the instance size and nature prompts for it.

Privacy & Data Policy

The instance is hosted by masto.host in France. We collect only the information you voluntarily enter in your profile and your toots, and your information is not handed to any third party other than our hosting service. We use no trackers and show no ads. The hosting service may collect some technical information necessary to deliver the service. For more information, see the masto.host Privacy Policy. You may delete your own data or account at your will, or ask us to remove your account.

Please note that everything you publish on this instance should be considered public information that everyone can find. Mastodon has a direct message feature, but please note that they are not private or encrypted messages and can be read by the instance admin. Of course the admins don't have a reason to do so and won't do so, and generally you just have to trust that we are benevolent. But if you really want to protect your privacy or send someone private information, please use some other tool than Mastodon for that.