Sunbeam City and How to Stop Perpetuating the Same Structures We Were Built to Fight.

@Stoori this is the definition of 'easier said than done' friend.
thanks for the new vocabulary word though.

@Wewereseeds Yeah, I know from experience it's nearly impossible to introduce new governance structures and decision methods to existing organizations...

But if there'll ever be Round Two, that's a good direction to have a look at.

@Stoori do you have any reading material on real life examples, or even more applicable theory other than wikipedia.


@Wewereseeds @SociocracyForAll has a lot of material available, much of it CC-licenced. Their page has also links to case studies. Take a look:

My own practical experience with sociocracy is not very extensive so far, but the little of it has really felt like a mind-blowingly new way to do things. But basically it's just common sense done systematically, something that's usually pretty much ignored in organizations.

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