MemoQ, a major proprietary editor/project management system for translation work, has broken Cut & Paste. The problem of how to cut and paste text on a computer was solved in, what, 1968? But in this shiny new peace of network-enabled, cloud-enhanced bloatware dedicated to handling text at scale, it straight up doesn't work.

Trados Studio, a major proprietary editor/project management system for translation work, has broken "Go to the end of the sentence". Within a segment, attempting to use your keyboard to navigate to the end of the segment will take you to the character before that, and moving your cursor one spot to the right using your keyboard will take you to the segment boundary and block you from making edits. Trados is arguably the Photoshop of digital translation.

Smartling, a growing proprietary web-based editor/project management system for translation jobs, has two different project windows, one for showing/selecting segments and one in which they can actually be translated. You can submit translations from either of these windows, but they are not synchronized. 😖


@Reinderdijkhuis and the only reason I have Windows on my computer is to use these "productivity" software. Anyway, memoq sucks the least. Better still if I didn't have to do any corporation translations any more...

@Stoori The idea behind CAT software is sound and the TM engines usually works well, though in recent weeks if MemoQ has to choose between matches with correct placeholders and incorrect ones, it unfailingly chooses the incorrect ones.
The UX, on the other hand, is universally dreadful and getting worse.

@Reinderdijkhuis There's also this weird bug with memoQ (I don't know if this is universal or just on my computer, but it has persisted since 2013), that when I produce an ndash – with my keyboard, memoQ writes an mdash —, and it's the only program to do so.

In general Trados is so much worse with these automations though. I hate it, yet I must use it the most.

But yeah, I wouldn't translate technical documents without CAT, whereas using CAT for translating fiction is borderline blasphemous.

@Stoori I haven't seen this myself but it's worth keeping an eye out for. Do you use ALT-0150?

@Reinderdijkhuis no, it comes directly by pressing AltGr+-. All the other programs give ndash as they should.

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